Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A week off (sort of)

This week I am having a week off pots, a week off housework and a week off gardening.

I'm not 100% sure about not doing the pots and gardening, but the Oily One and the Carpenter need to get into the habit of doing housework.

This week I am a commisaire at the British Junior Track National Championships...an official in other words!
I am assisting with accreditation, where they sign on to say they are here, hand over their racing licence and receive programme, number, pass and pins. Then they sign on for each event that they have pre-entered.
We also field all sorts of queries, answer those we can and pass on the rest to those who can.

At the end of each afternoon session we all return to the hotel that most are staying at for the week and freshen up and change.

After a while we all go out to have supper together, in a different hostelry each night, depending upon the special offers!! The Team is nearly twenty strong, we have a good couple of hours talking and eating before returning ready to rest and start again at eight the next morning.

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