Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Yesterday was the hottest so far this year.

I drove to Halesowen to pick up a Pirate!!  He had come down south with friends who had collected a VW camper van from Fort you do!!

Most of the day was then spent resting, as ordered!   While they worked on bikes and on getting the engine to run.....

The bodywork needs a bit more....

and I didn't take a photo of underneath........but fun will be had achieving the desired result!!

Then a drive back to South Wales...I'm glad that we started later...and at 5.30pm we were NOT going on the motorways!!

We had a good drive back, with only traffic jams around Worcester.   We were too late to call on friends, so had a picnic supper by Pwll Lon Goch...Keepers Pond...and a short walk on the mountain as the sun set.


yeractual said...

Glad to hear the weather is with you. It's about 35 here today - just too hot for comfort but better than cold, wind or rain! Those VWs are pretty indestructible, usually salvageable, so should be fine given a bit of time and effort. And very practical to boot! All it needs is an on-board kiln and you're up and running!

Julia said...

That looks just like the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo!

red dirt girl said...

haha - I agree with Julia but wonder if you will recognize the american cartoon reference! I'm also a bit envious - wish I could meet up with my man a few hours away .... instead of attempting to 'skype up' with each of us living on opposite time schedules (i'm sleeping - he's working and vice versa).

Oh well. With matters of the heart, distance is distance no matter how far or close. I'm sure you miss him fiercely apart and deliriously happy together. At least that is what I am hoping for you :)


gz said...

Yes, The Magic Bus!!
I've seen Scooby Doo in the past....!