Friday, 20 July 2012

too busy

We've been sorting  and tidying here...why doesn't it make much difference?...even though a few bin bags worth of rubbish has gone out!! It was something to do whilst my car was being checked and the rain still fell.

Thursday was spent travelling in the sun, getting or ordering car parts to finish the maintenance/service work on the car. At least I managed to catch up a little with an old friend too.

Today has been too full!   It started with pot sorting- those to change and freshen the display at The Court Cupboard in Abergavenny, others to go to St.Ffagans pottery and a third lot to travel with us to Scotland.  Hopefully some of the latter will be sold at a meeting on the way!!

Then to Court Cupboard, just to deliver the boxes of pots- sorting to be done on Sunday.
On to the friends' workshop I'm sharing, to fettle ten small bowls, and turn three others.  These were made with a different clay from France..and I'm liking it more and more!!
Three left to do on Sunday.

Yet more travelling to Gwehelog, where South Wales Potters are having a firing weekend.  This afternoon was mainly sawing/breaking up pallets for kiln firing!!
Batts had battwash painted and wadding mixed, cups of tea drunk with plenty of biscuits and homemade cookies!! 
There was a little sitting in the sunshine too.
I made my excuses and left early as they were beginning to sort pots to pack in the kiln. 

I'd run out of steam...and now I'm home and had supper, it is too late to make the promised cake...perhaps in the morning....


Jo said...

Sounds very busy indeed, but at least you managed to get some time in to sit and enjoy the sun.

Julia said...

I'm tired just reading about your day... :)

Zhoen said...

Holding your own against the entropy.

Relatively Retiring said...

I hope there's lots more sunshine heading your way....and perhaps even time to sit in it?

yeractual said...

Certainly a buzzy, busy day by sounds of things. Lots done, though, and lots prepped for today/tomorrow, so no bad thing, I expect. Gwehelog, never been there, though oft passed a roadsign (Raglan roundabout) to it! what does it mean, if anything? Off to Scotland again, too. It does grow on you, I fear. You'll be needing a kilt soon!

gz said...

I'm not sure what it means...I'll have to find out now! Probably something in the Gwent dialect and accent, just to make it more difficult for me!!

It is a nice hamlet, halfway between Usk and Raglan with pub and village hall

Anonymous said...

Usually at the end of a day like this someone makes some remark about how life must be so relaxed "living here" or "doing your job."

Interesting thought about dialects: my boss speaks the local German dialect which is very distinctive and very strong. It makes life interesting when he's shouting instructions and there are power tools working nearby.