Sunday, 2 February 2014


Friday we travelled South through snow, then returned through heavy rain.
Yesterday we had another day of gales, rain and snow...and this is the Festival of Imbolc this weekend, celebrating the beginning of Spring and the arrival of the first lambs.
Scarcely believe, we thought!
High tides and storms all along the coasts of the British Isles, massive surf..the St. Brigid Portugal...

This morning started again with rain...and I rode out on my bike with a friend at 9.30...but by ten o'clock the sun was out and blue sky was showing.
 We rode down to the Club Hut of the Ayr Roads Cycling club,  and The Pirate took the vittles in the car!    It was a two hour ride (it is far from flat!) against a following head wind..the valleys funnelled the wind against us.
Half a mile before the hut we saw the first lambs of the year!!
 By the time we arrived at the hut, not far from Colmonell, we were ready for soup and coffee and cakes and sitting in front of a hot woodburning stove.  The Pirate toasted bagels..."Toast until it smokes, then 20 seconds less" to quote Piet Hein!!

I came home in the car...two hours riding is plenty for me..then after a bath and recover I've been looking in my drawing books for images to this space!!

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Kerry O'Gorman said...

Lovely landscape to ride through..hope you enjoyed the scenery!