Saturday, 15 February 2014

winter going on spring

 We walked back from Maybole to Kirkmichael last Tuesday, just four miles, and we were following the snowclouds!
 We are about nine miles from the sea...and the seagulls have decided this is safer than there!!
The village gardening club meeting was themed twenty of us brought an ornament from the garden, and we had to guess who owned which one..ours was the only one with earth and moss on it!!

We're thankful for the velodrome at Glasgow....even though it is nearly a hundred mile round trip...two hours training and tips from a friend I've known and raced with for forty years. He is still a World Champion and also a good coach.
It was the first time he had ridden on the track here as it is a long way from Essex!
We're all making the most of it as the track will be closed for the Commonwealth Games from mid-June to mid-September (I think).

Also.......good coffee!!

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Jenny Woolf said...

Two things there that I love -good coffee and crocuses. The yellow crocus always reminds me of a little light bulb pushing up through the wintry earth.