Wednesday, 28 January 2015

another day....

Today started slowly,thanks to last night's cycling club circuit training!
I'm learning to pace myself a little more and can now almost manage the full hour...when my stomach muscles begin to seriously complain, I finish by just walking!   I need it....we have a World Record to consider and a World Title to defend in October.

The promised snow showers started at 9am..just those little pellets..and in between the sun tempted us....but we mainly stayed indoors!

The stove was warm from last night, and the Pirate brought it back to life with ease.   We had a gift of wood today....local contractors were cutting branches back to keep the road and phone/power lines free....and instead of just chipping the wood.....
Now we have some apple, cherry and ash to keep us warm!

I posted another pack of notecards in my Etsy shop..keeping it live!...

It does seem a bit odd,a ceramics shop full of after supper I must get some pots back in!

We did some errands in the next village where Vic used to live, and in our local town...and by 5pm we were on the way home as the snow was beginning to "stick" on the roads.    Nothing compared to the Eastern USA at present, or the Highlands of Scotland but we don't have so much snow here, due to the effect of the sea.

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