Friday, 2 January 2015

more tech problems...and some art success...

Took photos before the end of've seen them!  

Took two more today...I can see them on the camera screen, but when I go to download as usual, those two only are missing ....

problems with changing years? Who else seems to yet

So no photo of the latest linocut of a running hare.....I've almost completed it, not doing much more , as it is getting late and you make an overcut in lino, you're stuck with it.
It is A6 size, good for a small print on nice paper to be mounted, or as a card.
As my confidence grows and skills return I'll be doing A5 or even A4 prints.
However I'll have to be selling some to afford that.

WE have found a good art supplies shop in Castle Douglas (sells lovely yarns for knitting and suchlike too...must not get sidetracked!)  lino there was £7.99 for A4 size....and a tube of ink was nearly £12.....must sell plenty to get the next lot!!

Now how do I get work on here, fb or etsy, if the pooter wont see the photos????


Cro Magnon said...

How very odd about your 2 photos. Do you put the actual card into your computer, or do you connect by cable? Whichever you don't do might be worth trying.

gz said...

Cro, I'd thought that...but this laptop has nowhere to stick an SD card

Michèle Hastings said...

That is strange. It must be a problem with the old card. I always delete the photos on my card, and every so often reformat it. Even when deleting photos from the card, little bits of junk get left behind. Reformatting cleans them up.