Monday, 26 January 2015

re-stocking the Etsy shop.

New cards are gradually going into my Etsy is pulled two gradually fill it up...but that means a lot of stock is tied up , capital just sitting there.
You then need to make even more to have saleable work in hand and to take to other physical (as opposed to virtual) places.

 There will be cards from my photographs going in soon.

Every day we take a break  and collect windblown firewood...mainly ash
 A chance for a breather, get half a day's wood and some exercise together.
 Looking over the local barley field, across Ayrshire fields to the Galloway Hills, which will possibly be white with snow again on Wednesday.

The cafe cards went down well with Murray's cafe owner...lets hope they are selling too!
I've tried out a few more shots of their Salt and Pepper pots...great fun!
An indoor shot taken in our village cafe, Jock's, has gone there as a card too-can't say I'm not trying!!

Meanwhile we've been knocked back on a possible site for the workshop caravan. That project is running out of time as soon the owner will need it off his site to prepare the ground for a new van.   Something will turn up....I need to get back to pots!!