Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Paraparas

Today we rode out ahead of the fourth stage of the Wellington-Auckland 7 Day Tour , from Whanganui North towards the Paraparas. We got to where it seriiusly starts to go up!
The road has only been re-opened after the floods a year ago. It is The New Road, celebrating its 100th birthday on 1st April with a ride out of vintage vehicles and a 40 dollar coach trip. The old road is still there but is also still a gravel road with no tar seal.
We pack today for a short trip to Blenheim, hopefully 3 weeks but coyld be less, depending on our host's health, having lately been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. At least being fit and carrying on cycling is helping. We think that the trigger could have been a double skull fracture when a motorbike pillion passenger pushed him off the road as they drove by goinf down a hill. Thanfully he was wearing a helmet as is the law in NZ.
Now hopefully a few photos from today! Tablet permitting!!

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Andrea Ingram said...

Please convey our best wishes to Max.