Friday, 14 April 2017

and breathe easy....

Cyclone Cook veered to the east, so mainly missed Auckland, although a horrendous amount of rain preceeded it.
Thames, Coromandel and the Bay of Plenty got hit..,again,.then Wellington and down the east side of the south island. Apparently this cylone followed the track of cyclone Giselle in 1968 which led to the loss of the Wahine ferry as she came into Wellington Harbour and 50 people were drowned. So naturally people were concerned about this one.
Today has been absolutely beautiful. Sun, light breeze and totally relaxed...after a night when it was hosing down with rain, and at 3 am the pool by the house had 6 inch waves from the wind!
We were lucky to join in on a training session on the velodrome, only shortened by 5 minutes by a light shower.
Now it is a beautiful evening, sitting here with a few birds singing, the sound of children playing further down the Mount and traffic noise from SH4 at the foot near the river.


Anonymous said...

Good to read that you, and the rest of NZ are safe. The report on the BBC this morning said it was less severe than anticipated. Maybe people are just better informed, prepared and therefore more wary.

Home from massage training in Thailand to very acceptable spring weather in the UK with the pressure to get pots made and get the allotment going. Hopefully the weather will be a bit more cooperative for you too so that you can enjoy your training and events and return home safely.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Having experienced both African and New Zealand storms I can very well remember that glorious calm after the rains. It is sublime.

Barbara Rogers said...

So glad you all escaped the storm...we heard about it on our news here in the US. Keep on doing what you do so well!

jenny_o said...

What a gorgeous picture of the sky! I'm glad the storm was not quite as bad as feared.