Saturday, 15 April 2017

quiet weekend

Our friends where we stay have bought a campervan, so they are away for their first stay away.
We have our last weekend here, looking after house and dog.
Easter is a time of contrasts. Everything is closed, even the small shops, on Friday and Sunday. Apart from that, the Easter sales are on and the Warehouse shop is heaving, the main street busy as if everything will be closed down for a week!
We have collected the hire car that I'll be driving for the next two weeks. I'm getting used to driving an automatic again..and now even the most basic car has all these extra 'bells and whistles' !!
Out for a drive today to catch up with more friends in person instead of online. It will be interesting to see a small town, to where they are in process of moving, on foot instead of passing through on the Intercity bus!