Wednesday, 26 April 2017

gone racing!

The World Masters Games have begun...we survived hunting for reasonable/free parking in Auckland (ha ha!!!!!) and the delights of trying to sleep in the Backpackers in downtown Auckland. Impossible til about 3.30 am!! Even the staff were phoning the police about cars cruising around with Boom boxes on full blast, shaking the very fabric of the building!
We rode our criterium races around the tank storage off Wynyard Quarter on the Saturday, and the 20k time trial early Sunday morning on closed roads along the Waterfront and back to Queens Wharf. We both did good times but won nothing.
The Cloud exhibition Centre was full of an exhibition of Maori traditions and crafts and singing and chanting on the stage. Fantastic!
Now we are staying in Hamilton and racing on the Avantidrome. Pursuits this morning..I was first off! I qualified fastest, so now I have to ride the final at 6pm. More different races for the both of us over the next two days, then back up to Auckland.
We'll be staying with a friend that I haven't seen since 1971!
The road race for the Pirate on Sunday, then we head back South to return borrowed bikes and make our farewells to friends before flying back up to Auckland and away home to Scotland.
Hoping meanwhile that the cold weather hasn't devastated the garden at home, and that the workshop has stayed watertight....

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