Thursday, 28 December 2017

walk in the thaw (?)

 It IS warmer...there is more green to see in the fields...
 but its still cold
 We walked to collect my car..a thorn in the sidewall meant a new tyre,and Pirate broke a wheel stud while changing the wheel to the spare...he also managed to break the windscreen wiper rods (the bits that are under the bonnet) by turning it on while the wipers were frozen to the screen. You'd think he'd be wise enough not to do that! The one night I forget to put the screen saver on!!

Result? Skint again!!
 This is a part of the old village,now demolished, that was a coalmine. The burn runs through the bing (waste tip).....
 rainbow over Drongan
 and rain over Patna (the other side of the hill)
 and still cold here

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Barbara Rogers said...

Oh the vehicles of our lives! Pretty skies! Wintertime hits us!