Tuesday, 26 December 2017

whatever the weather?

 We waved off the Wizzard and partner, then after upgrading my brake cables and bar tape...nice Lizardskin padding...no lizards were used...but my hands appreciated it!
 We headed for Alloway through the lanes, dodging the showers..you can see two on the other side of the Clyde to Ayr, working their way up the coast of Arran.

Our luck was in until we reached Ayr...
but then as we tried out the new cycle path (aka wide pavement) down the A70 to Coylton...the rain set in...after Coylton we returned to the lanes and the last couple of miles were dry...overhead, anyway.

The Wizzard and partner are now ensconced  in a wooden tent...called a pod..in the snowy Borders..ready for another two days' mountain biking. I think they are a little glad that they forgot to pack their tent!!
The East of Scotland has, unlike us,had snow!


Barbara Rogers said...

Oh so glad you're back on bikes...do you have some kind of mud-guards or just come home with stripes up your backs? I haven't ever had a bike at all like yours, and haven't even ridden sine the 80s.

gz said...

Hi Barbara, I've just had mudguards fitted...just in time!