Saturday, 16 March 2019

Lily....and organising

Unless you know looks like a lily!
We have moved to Opal Springs campsite near Matamata..I would have liked to stay in Te Aroha, but this is a learning experience I suppose!!
We are one in a small terrace of cabins.. amongst all sorts of cabins and sites..a bit short on facilities, but it will do for two nights.
We drove over to Cambridge to see a friend...and found that he is in Wellington for the weekend!! Meanwhile we met his brother, a great mate of pirates ,and his family .Wife, toddler and Bump..and the news that their parents have bought the nextdoor house!
More visits earmarked for next time!

We also booked our accommodation up to the morning of the 26th... Whangarei and the Northland Tour here we come...with two nights there before and after the tour so hopefully we may see sights and people....
We had the definite feeling that we were booking the last beds available in the overnight stops on the Tour...but not surprising as there will be at least 300 riders plus support and organisation. It also sounds as if some people have booked accommodation a year ago, possibly as they rode the last one!!
At least that is one worry sorted.


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Catalyst said...

This six-month tour of New Zealand has me awed but mightily confused. But that's okay. That's my natural state these days.

gz said...

Only 4 months Cat! Six is the most we can visit for. If we overstayed we couldn't come we visit hopefully every two years, as health and finances allow.