Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Travelling North

Yesterday we headed North, in welcome rain, and our first stop was at Tarariki pottery outside Paeroa.
A place to find peace and inspiration, coffee and fresh figs, talk on many things.
It was good to meet Mike O'Donnell again and see that he is doing his own work again as well as inspiring others.

I soaked my navigation stone in the spring once more..and my feet too this time.  It has brought me back twice already.. here's hoping....

We have arrived at Whangarei now, back in a top ten camp, after a night at a basic but good cabin in a camp at Ramarama. It was sad to see how many have to live permanently in campsites like these, but they provide a good service for them as well as for a large number of campervans. Two nights here, getting ready to roll on the 21st on the Four Day Tour of the Northland..him riding, me driving.  
The computer hasn't put all the images where I wanted them...but at least they are all there!


smartcat said...

What a beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing.
Happy trails!

Barbara Rogers said...

Love the spring! And your navigation stone is beautiful!

Steve Reed said...

Yum -- fresh figs! Love the ferny forest.

Wood Fairy said...

wow what a beautiful place. navigation stone is interesting.