Friday, 19 April 2019

No longer grey!

The swallows and martins are back!
We went by car today twelve (hilly) miles to Kirkmichael and had a cuppa in the village community shop and cafe.

Well fortified, we rode down the Middle Road to Girvan and back along the valley road...the main A77 was obviously out of the question! Just over 26 miles and just under two hours on a beautiful Spring day..bluebells, wood anemones, dandelions, violets...blackthorn blossoming and the May in leaf.
It was so warm, we could have worn shorts...but didn't trust it to stay warm!!

Back home,Pirate has swapped some old hen shed panels for four metal roof sheets, to add to his shed roof and keep the rain out. He has worked out where they will we need a bit less breeze to fit them!  The breeze was useful to dry the washing, so no complaints. Our neighbour made a small chicken coop/nesting box from the old hen house panels!

I cleaned out the kiln ready for mending.  The next step is to work out the size of ply needed, and what we can use to press the bulging wall back together once it has been kiln cemented.
A reverse clamp is the nearest building terms it would be an acroprop, but we need to press horizontally not vertically.


Catalyst said...

Seems like a long way to go for just a cup of tea! :D

gz said...

Coffee, Cat,please!! It avoids the hilly miles...then I'm not too tired to do the enjoyable ones in the middle and don't have to crawl back over them at the end!!