Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Harbourside Walk, Irvine

 Renovation project..these landing stages hold some vessels that are part of the Scottish Maritime Museum
 Coastal steamer from the 1870s
 Back to his roots

 Scots words....

Monday, 17 October 2016

Walk along Croy Shore

 Looking past Maybole Shore to Culzean Castle..all part of Culzean Bay

 windswept trees

 Ailsa Craig
 walking the plank!

neither of us had ever been down the lane to this shore..and twenty years ago the Pirate was living in the next village up the shore!

We also found a painter/sculptor and talked to his wife who runs the gallery...they do have other painters' work there...maybe they'd be open to some lino prints or a few selected pots....

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Falkirk cyclo cross

 The cyclo cross season is here...the course has to be 90% ride able,with certain obstacles and be within certain limits for length, generally ending up at about ten minutes per lap.  Unlike road races, these are run over time plus a lap, up to an hour for the top riders, from ten minutes plus a lap over a shorter course for the youngsters (8+).  Last Sunday there were over 600 riders from 8-70+ years old!
 It was held in the grounds of Callendar House, owned by a community trust.
 The course is delineated by tapes...
 This is the start of the 40-49 age group...all 170!!
 up and back...
 through and back....the Antonine Wall!! (gap made in the 1800s..)
 up round and over...
 starting young! (watching dad!!)

 The house is fascinating...it is full of exhibitions and displays of history of the town and the house. It has an 1800s kitchen (closed on the day we were there)

and there were two extra exhibitions,one of wildlife photography the other of botanical illustration

 a well themed play park...

 nae dugs!!
 if you have to remove some trees....

A well organised event on a beautiful day


 Looking over the "new" canal bridge from the velodrome..nice pollution levels....
then across the supermarket carpark on the other side to the Manchester City football Etihad Stadium
 The latest part of the cycling centre..looks like dockyard cranes!
 and the velodrome roof, no longer white..
 not too far from Manchester Airport
 and back over the bridge as evening draws in..luckily most of our races were later in the day...some far too late! This meant we had time out in the sunshine.

 You can photograph the results on the screen above the track...but the adverts just come out pixellated!!
 Nuff said...
 Pirate and his club sponsor, Martin Bush who also sponsors the Masters World Track Championships

 Commissaires...judges to keep us right and safe.
 The Pirate, riding the pursuit, once his special event..ten years ago on this track, in this style kit,on this bike,he won a silver medal in the 65+ age group....
We both  rode the best we could, but Life has distracted us from being as fit as we needed to be to medal. 
We saw many old friends,missed others and made new ones.  Saw newcomers doing well which bodes well for the future.

It was the last championships at Manchester for a while...the next two are in Los Angeles..these started in Manchester in 1996 and have been away in Australia and Portugal but come back "home"...hopefully they'll be back before toolong!