Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Today we were both tired, Mountain Man and me.

Housework took TOO long, so I was not in the Garden until after 11am.

He was tired after a long day fetching a friend's pony then taking it, with his friend to be sold at the sales, sixty miles away.

So we were both subdued, and he went back up the mountain soon after an early lunch.

I have applied myself to tidying, sorting and reducing, starting in the hall.
Now the clutter is that on the way to be freegled or recycled.
Before supper I dug out a quarter of the new greenhouse site and topped up another bed with the earth.
I have made not a list, but a board with sticky notes on that can be removed when done, and jobs can be prioritized by where they are.

So I am feeling more positive and constructive.

I would still rather be going home with my man, away from all the noise and people.
To have someone and somewhere to come home to.
I still don't know what is stopping him from letting himself be happy again, which makes me sad.

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