Monday, 12 October 2009

A shock

A shocking sight greeted me today at the allotments.
Mountain Man's polytunnel had been set alight at 7pm last night

It could have been a lot worse, but the Fire Brigade arrived in less than three minutes of the call.

About a third of the length has lost its plastic across two thirds of its width.

We have enough plastic to mend it, and take it through the winter, but it really needs a new cover.

We worried more about the fumes of the burning plastic affecting the people in the terrace by the gardens.

I know we needed to tidy up that corner, but he didn't need to lose two pairs of wellingtons, two pairs of walking boots and a pair of shoes, besides spectacles, hand tools, scissors and knives and all the seed trays.

After clearing the mess we adjourned to my house for a cup of tea and lunch.

We had had enough for one day, so we went to check the ponies on the mountain, and found ten on Twmbarlwm.
Also two lads letting their dog run loose and chase the ponies as they sat and talked.

As Mountain Man said, good thing for them he didn't have a gun with him. He would have been within his rights, especially as it was going for one mare and scaring her down a steep rough slope. One stumble, one broken leg.... You don't let Rottweilers run loose on a mountain with horses cattle and sheep about.

The ponies calmed down, thankfully, and we looked across the mountain for the other sixteen-no sight of them, and at four o'clock, no time to go for a four hour walk looking for them!!

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