Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A rainy day

Today I started to get help with the battle with The System .

It is, for me , getting what I am entitled to.

For The System it is about reducing numbers, statistics and politics.

It stresses me when I am already too stressed.

Hopefully getting help will succeed, at least having someone there to "hold ones hand" in figurative terms.

Then after a couple of hour's respite, the rain started again in earnest.

So we had our sandwich lunch at home with a hot cup of tea and I took Mountain Man back up his Mountain.

From the mountain the mist was flowing down Cwm Gwyddon like a river, as we said goodbye for today in the sun.

Coming back down through the woods the cloud was sliding through the trees in an eery manner.
Then at the foot of the mountain I came back into the sun.

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Anonymous said...

Your posts are so poetic. I'm glad there was sunshine at the bottom of the mountain too.