Saturday, 8 October 2011


This is the result of 1.5 lb wine grapes, 3.5 lb eating pears and about 3 lb mixed apples....not a lot of waste!

The juice is strong and flavoursome but also a little sweet. Very drinkable! I washed the jugs with a little water and drank that...still good.

The pulp is nice as it is to.

My scales promptly died, so I froze the juice and pulp and dashed out and bought a better set!

Now do I make syrup/cordial, leave the juice as is or ferment it? Then do I go for fruit cheese or even fruit leather with the pulp?


Linda Starr said...

Just the color looks healthy, yum, fruit leather would be good or a little of all of them.

WOL said...


yeractual said...

The juice must taste wonderful - a great mix by the sound of it. When we visited Finland I always went for Pear Juice which was readily available up there. Lord knows why! Couldn't find it in neighbouring Sweden! I tend to have Pina & Uve/Pineapple&Grape juice here each morning, with an addition of Apple just to pep it up. Cordial sounds a winner, though we once made a dark chocolate thing with chocolate melted and added to the residual sloes from a batch of sloe gin we'd made. It was pretty good - alcoholic and tasty.

red dirt girl said...

fruit leather? what's that ??

gz said...

RDG...ummm...think jerky, but fruit, is the best way I can think of describing it so you'll understand!