Monday, 10 October 2011


Today has been really windy, and on top of not the best night of sleep that makes me tired.

It has been an unsettling sort of wind, whirling about as it blows across the valley at the mountain top, causing turbulence at village level.

So a slow start and a long lunch, but today I've repacked the kiln already. Much was already glazed, but the new iron glazed pots had to have their waxed feet (and rims) re-wiped.
I hope that will work, but just in case I battwashed the affected shelf as it wasn't too bad, and used it for pots with that glaze again.

On a good note I had a rummage and found another full size kin shelf, so I have three platters in this kiln load.

I had a walk up the mountain yesterday afternoon to collect the crabapples Col had told me about and found some below another crabapple tree that he'd wanted to plant pips from.
So a good and productive walk. Amongst other things I saw that a gate that he'd fretted about it not closing properly had thankfully been mended.
The gate alongside it, that I'd never seen open before, stood open.

Read what you like into that.


madpotter1 said...

Need to dig a few potatoes for dinner but then back in the studio. This time of the year I need a twin ........... and we still would not get everything done that needs doing.

Good reminder, I need a walk to maintain sanity, thanks!

Pussycats and Angels said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left..Yes it was through Kath.
I have browsed your etsy shop and I really like your work. Sounds like you have been a busy lady.

Kath said...

It has been an unsettling sort of wind

I know what you mean, we had it here, gusty and making a noise in the chimneys.

I am a great believer in signs. I think the people we love never leave us, we just have to look for them x

yeractual said...

Sounds like a typically windy, Welsh Autumn day over there. Odd about the gate..... Looks like you're in productive mode. Getting things done before winter takes a grip is always a good thing! Best.

cookingwithgas said...

that gate- and the wind- or just a visit as he passes through checking on you.


Well, I chose to read into that: when one gate closes another one opens. That's an uplifting idea for this dull windy day! I too found a discarded kiln shelf and crammed even more in last time!

red dirt girl said...

I like what cookingwithgas and Catherine Daniel had to say about the wind and the open gate .... things to think about. You're staying busy - good for you. I wish I were half as productive in my life here.


Mouse said...

as one gate closes another opens, as Catherine just said...