Friday, 7 October 2011

loose ends and some beginnings

The perry is now all in demijohns, looking good on the windowsill. This gives a little more room in the kitchen!

One batch of drying is finished-apple rings and pear "L" plate shows! They do taste good, which is what matters. Next time I'll peel the apples. The next batch is one layer of small dark red wine grapes, just to see how they dry.

A saucepan of grapes, pears and apples is cooking, for jelly and cheese.

Still waiting to have less wind at the same time as assistance, to finish mending the kiln flue, but at least the kiln is now packed and ready.

Everything clean has been put away...and the next batch of cleaning/washing is lurking!!

Next job is more allotment tidying and muckspreading. It feels too soon, perhaps too mild, to sow broad beans and plant the garlic.

I'm thinking of Crab apple vodka- that takes two years, but is worth the wait.

Keeping busy, but a little of me still feels a little lost, like an unravelling thread on a T shirt hem.
Must get mending!!

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Kath said...

Crab apple vodka-

Ooh sounds delicious!