Tuesday, 4 December 2012

girls' day out in Manukau and Morrinsville

A paddock FULL of cows....this is normal stocking rates, and the grazing is rotated regularly
Between Te Aroha and The Bombays is a rain belt.  After heavy overnight rain, we had a hot dry day.
The mack trucks look like REAL trucks!!
The hills are pointy!!
A passage roof in the shopping centre.    Everywhere is surrounded by indoor and outdoor malls and trading estates .  This is killing the centres of cities and towns.

I pushed the boat out as they say, and bought cloth and wherewithalls for patchwork and quilting....

Back to Te Aroha in the afternoon and from further away you can see how big it is.
Then off to Morrinsville as T's au pair is looking for a camper van to do a Tiki Tour around South Island.....    not this one....the search continues...
and back from Morrinsville past the Fonterra cheese factory....Anchor to you.....
looking South further down the Kaimai range
and another for Soub....
back across the Waihou River to the clock at the centre of town. Bald Spur (no longer bald!), that we walked up to the lookout is the nearer, middle peak,  Te Aroha mountain with the mast is to its left.

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