Saturday, 29 December 2012

quilting work in progress

AS I can't make pots at present, I've been doing a little piecing.......

it is based on 1" squares making up 5" blocks, and will be just over 25" square.
It is made from 100% cotton fabric and thread with 100% wool batting/wadding.

I've been inspired by the success of Andrea from Boxes and Bellows, and when it is finished it will go on sale first here!     Apart from carrying on with the tacking (pink-so that I will definitely NOT miss taking any out!!) ready for the quilting, I must research the price.  I haven't sold any of my quilting since 1998!

Meanwhile the weather here in the Waikato (and further south too, I hear on the weather forecast) is wet.  Goodbye cyclone Evan, that flattened Samoa and Fiji and gave us heavy rain a week after....hello cyclone Freda (?) who is wreaking havoc in the Solomon Islands at present.


Zhoen said...

I love the b&w quilt.

Stay dry.

Cro Magnon said...

I like quilts that have a distinct pattern and colour scheme. But shouldn't it be bed-size? Nice job; well done! Happy New Year!

gz said...

baby's size bed, Cro!!