Thursday, 27 December 2012


Thanks to all those bloggers out there who inspire me, the potter bloggers who keep me going on in clay .
Thanks to the commenters who help me and give me a smile and spur me on to write yet another post...nearing 1,000 now!! Unbelievable!!

As  Hermitwitch commented, gratitude seems thin on the ground in this age of instant communication.


                             ****@@@@!!!! THANKYOU!!!!@@@@****         
                                                                                                                          from us........

                                                    To you all!!    xx


Sandy miller said...

Gz, thank you!! When my blog languished, I read yours. You posted your pots, your gardens, your trials and triumphs in life and you blogged. Your journey has been a wonder and I thank you for sharing. I have to say this blogging is helping me understand we all wander this path of life, sometime quite crooked, but we all have quite a journey! All the best in 2013!

Cro Magnon said...

Love the suntanned arm! Very best wishes from France; Cro xx

gz said...

Cyclist's tan, Cro!! Although we try to alternate between long and short sleeves as it is very easy to burn here

Andrea Ingram said...

Here's to 2013.
BTW; has Vic got a licence for those knees?

yeractual said...

You're clearly still enjoying life in the Antipodes. Keep rolling there. We're probably returning to UK for a year or so: our daughter is caught up in a bitterly protracted and unpleasant access/custody battle over her son with her former partner. We think it best we're nearby and can offer help and support to her and the grandsprog. Probably hang onto the place here in France, though!
Take care and have a great New Year.

Shaheen said...

Warmest of wishes

cargillwitch said...

I receive so much from reading of others journeys through this life- as the local Ojibway would say ' gchi-miigwetch" for all you have shared!

Julia said...

You have a lovely blog & I enjoy my visits. Thank you for posting - rain or shine. :)

Gardeningbren said...

Merry merry!! Loved the tan lines too. Oh to have tan lines and not snow!!

Big hugs.

gz said...

send her a big hug from me, is a hard enough process without that.
You never know we might actually get to meet in 2013!

soubriquet said...


Thanks for all the stories, pots, glimpses of another world and encouragement over the last however long.
And long may it last. I'm particularly enjoying the little window into new-zealand life you're giving me, because it's a place I've always wanted to visit, ever since I was a child, and probably never will. I have remote relatives there, somewhere or other......... (lost touch long ago).
Blogging is, I suppose, something we do for ourselves, but something that can brighten the day of random strangers, far away, people we'd never meet in real life.
It brings new friends.
And more besides.
So, thank you again.
And Happy New Year!