Monday, 31 December 2012

hobbits!! and droving....

Yesterday we had a day off the bikes, and took a drive out to Matamata ....many filmgoers worldwide will know the area.....

This is the i-centre  (information) .....

Say no more....I'll stick to reading the book!!   It does bring good business to the town, I'm not knocking it!

As it was 5pm,  we headed for a  coffee shop....and there are may everywhere!
This was The Redoubt.. good coffee and plenty of history on the walls, sporting and otherwise.

Excuse the glare, that is the best I could manage... but it is fascinating...

Bill Riddell was the last of the East Coast drovers, c. 1966.
As far as I could make out the writing at the bottom it says " Bill brought the stock from Opotiki to Ohinewai, 600 mostly 18 month old Herefords and Polls. Bill started droving in 1936.....sending forward....each unit took 3 months"

Talking to the artist, Judith M Dixon, who lives next door in Te Aroha, she said that this is correct.

Luckily were were in the car, not on the bikes as it suddenly bucketed down with rain- almost as if you were standing under a tap!

Then home across the Waikato again.  I'm learning the road signs.....1845.3 on the road sign at one end means that it is 18.45 k long, with 3 turn-offs....and some of those straight bits can be 10 k long!! 

From a distance I saw the falls at Wairere....impressive even from 10 k away!
That  will be another day's trip.

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petoskystone said...

Droving strikes me as a very isolated way to make a living.