Friday, 4 January 2013

carrying on

Carrying on carrying on...looking after "anklebiters" for twelve hours a day, luckily jointly with the Pirate, so we both get chances for time out separately if not together. (not every day, I might add!!)
I THINK that it is a fair swap for a tin roof over our heads......

The quilt is now being quilted...

Planning racing for both of us... The Taranaki Challenge (156 km round the mountain) is on Saturday 26th January.
The Masters Games are in Whanganui  from the 1st to the 10th of February, and we want to ride the track events on the 7th.....
The 7 day tour (Wellington to Auckland ) is on the 9th to the 15th....(for him)
The Tour of the Northland is in the first half of March...only 4 days, and he won his age group last year...

The weather is still a bit of everything every day, from chill in the morning to hot in the afternoon.  26 degrees this afternoon and forecast 30 degrees by Sunday, and wet too.  Mugginess and abounding insects again, then!

And still I've heard nothing from most galleries about sales, apart from Crochendy Twrog in Maentwrog. Unfortunately too far for the Carpenter to deliver new stock to them.
    The worst is my regular best selling venue....four months and no money and I KNOW that I had good sales in September.  Out of sight, out of mind, obviously.

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soubriquet said...

I feel faint at that 156km. Pedalling round the park leaves me puffing and panting.
I never was a 'real' cyclist, but I do look back with fondness to my old peugeot touring bike, which I purchased from Bob Jackson's bike shop, way back in the seventies. It and me did a lot of miles in several countries, tent and kettle stuffed in the panniers.

My brother, around then, bought a german-made bike, I forget the name, but, though they looked similar the german thing... Schauff? had something not quite right in its geometry, it shook, and was unstable, horrible thing. The Peugeot was as right for me as an off-the-shelf could be.
(Bob Jackson's, of course, was, and still is, a real bike shop, where you can get your bike custom made.)