Saturday, 19 January 2013

Navigator Stones

Yesterday we went back to Paeroa to visit Tarariki Pottery.

It is so beautiful and restful there.  We bought some Navigator Stones that the potter, Mike O'Donnell had made from clay.
The glazed side is the female, negative spiral. Before a journey you concentrate on the in-turning spiral as you plan your route.
The unglazed side is the male, positive, out-going spiral that you concentrate on as you travel.

We travelled part of the way on the Harariki Rail Trail cycle are always being renewed, so until they have settled it is like ploughing on your bike!

They have "long drop" toilets every so often, and shelters too.....and also the dreaded sandflies!!!!

Today we did 80 k in the other direction, despite having a cross/head wind home...we've found that the one thing certain about NZ weather is the wind!!


Zhoen said...

Didn't those used to be actual navigation tools, an ocean map of sorts?

gz said...

possibly- more research needed

red dirt girl said...

Love the navigator stones and their meaning/function! It is probably wise to always look inward before starting any journey. And, of course, the first step out is the beginning of every journey.

You look so fit and HAPPY!! Wahhooo :)


cargillwitch said...

the stones are magical! like worry stones or meditation focus.
you are looking so FIT!We are in the depths of winter and all your lovely tales of rides are making me long for spring and getting out on my bike.