Saturday, 12 January 2013

tiki tour....

All the way to Te Awamutu....just the other side of Hamilton!! 

There is an older velodrome here, and we'll see if we can do some laps tomorrow before it gets too hot (26 degrees on the way here).

We have gone from one tin tent to another tin tent....with intent!!
   However this tin tent has a proper kitchen AND decent Wi-Fi!!
  Also.....NO FLIES>>>>Ta Daaaa!!    It is a small motel,  with a variety of ways of staying.  On this bit there are also a few obviously permanent residents with kids.

It feels very nice, relaxing and welcoming and because we don't have to keep the windows shut to keep the flies out, we don't feel tired because of lack of oxygen/fresh air.

Now we need to go shopping for food.....

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yeractual said...

That place looks wonderfully sensible, ideal for touring, I'd think. Hope the velodrome meets your expectations okay. Enjoy. At least the weather's still with you both!