Thursday, 10 January 2013

still hot

The Pirate tried going out on his bike yesterday morning....and stuck to the road!
So we went out at 7.30pm for an hour together, and no, I didn't sit behind all the time, I took my turns at the front!!

to RR...I haven't seen your nephew, time, cash and transport problems abound!!...

We will be down in Wanganui soon,  The Pirate has entered the Taranaki Challenge, 156 km round the mountain on 26 January.
Then we are both riding in the NZ Masters Games which are in Wanganui from 2 to 9 February.


Sandy miller said...

Your weather has made our news programs and papers! Here in northeastern Ohio we should be under snow in January but instead we too are in shirt sleeves and coat less!

petoskystone said...

I hadn't realized that it got so hot in NZ!