Wednesday, 4 March 2015


We drove away to find some SUN today....through rain/snow showers,over the hills to Dumfries.
Coffee and cake in Gracefields Arts centre cafe, then wander round the exhibitions and craft/art shop while The Pirate went for physio on his shoulder.
Doesn't seem almost a year since we were there,but there they were again......

Well, that is last March's photo..surprisingly they are a little behind this year in growth.

We had intended to visit the Yellow Door gallery,but had lunch with friends who are on their way to Gran Canaria for some stronger warmer sun!

Directly then,in the sunshine to Castle Douglas, a place we enjoy.
A good wholefood shop where I tried not to spend too much....and again  in the Art and Craft and gemstones and wool with minimum supplies!!
Onwards to collect a box of biscuited berry bowls and a box of Pots for the Raffle during the Scottish Potters' weekend.
Unfortunately Hannah isn't well....lots of virtual hugs sent her way....and we hope to see her again soon.

The plan then was to call by a photographer in closed, but we'll see them during the Spring Fling.
Next stop the Catstrand Arts Centre and Cafe in New Galloway...closed due to flood damage...try again, the village shop and cafe in Cairsphairn.....shut at 3.15pm, after we'd almost driven through a fantastic rainbow .

After that, with the rain showers easing, we just came home, with a little light wood foraging on the way.

The woodstove had gone cold, first time in weeks, so it got a good clearout...Now it is nicely toasting our toes as we chat via facebook with old friends from the 60s in Southampton, who emigrated to Canada!
I'm glad it is going well, as the oil fired boiler is beginning to show signs of age and lack of maintenance. (and no, we've never seen any safety certificate for that or the electrics here!!

The Pirate is writing our training diary...we bought a page a day diary today for the princely sum of 50p!! Far better than a calendar or sundry odd bits of paper.
Now we have to keep up the training and he has to keep up the writing!!

I had intended to cook some Lime Marmalade on our camping stove...the electric cooker here doesn't like boiling things, so preserving is difficult to say the least! It will sit and wait in the maslin pan until tomorrow......


Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

I have a soft spot for Dumfries - in fact I rather love Dumfries and Galloway in general :) We went to the Spring Fling a couple of years ago (when a entire cottage was encased in a fitted fabric cover just like a settee) and loved visiting as many exhibitions as we could squeeze in.

Cro Magnon said...

Finding places closed when they should be open is a pain. Lots of businesses here still close on Mondays, but we never know which ones. Infuriating!