Wednesday, 18 March 2015

new linoprint and Spring

 I cut so far, then take a pencil rubbing, cut some more....
and this is the first proof print.
Kirkmichael Road,Maybole...looking towards the Ayrshire Hills.

Now to get printing..the cards are selling at £3 each,plus P+P.  The next step is to cost a mount and packing and P+P for a print on A5 paper.

Today is the first day that it has really felt like Spring...the honeysuckle leaves are just opening in the hedgerows and the dog's mercury at the hedge base is almost flowering. The birds are all "twitterpated" and rooks are carrying sticks almost longer than themselves!



Have just enjoyed reading all your recent adventures - the Scottish Potters weekend looks really interesting. And your cycling escapades sound like fun! Love your lino prints - something I must try one day. xCathy

Cro Magnon said...

Back in the UK somewhere I have an old book of lino or woodblock prints called The Farmer's Year by Clare Leighton. Have you ever come across this? For someone who produces lino prints, it's worth looking at. Lovely work.

gz said...

I've heard of it Cro,would love to see it.
I think it is woodblock