Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hare print progress

The first print run with oil based ink!...took ages to dry. I must learn how to thin the ink a little ..there is a thing called linseed reducing jelly...probably easier to use than straight linseed oil.
 I'd started folding and packing the cards, when we had a power cut yesterday afternoon. After a cuppa brewed on the camping stove we ventured out for a two mile walk 'round the block'...still no power as we returned to a beautifully quiet house. 
No freezer and fridge noise, no boiler or central heating pipe noise....

We sat in front of the woodburner, having turned appliances off as one is directed...and relaxed....and only realized that the kitchen light was on when we went to make supper..and had been on for half an hour!


Eco Gites of Lénault said...

I love this but then I love hares - we get to see lots round here.

Frex said...

Oh, that's beautiful---such a rich choclately bunny (I know, it's a hare, but Easter is coming...).

The sound of silence--so rare.
It was weird here in Minneapolis, where we have a big airport just a few miles south, in the week after 9/11 when the planes didn't fly to realize how we live with their constant loud noise and don't even consciously register it.
The silence was wonderful (though ominous, due to its cause).
--Frex = Fresca

Michèle Hastings said...

A beautiful print! I love seeing the carved block as well as the finished cards.
Oil based ink must be harder to work with... and clean up must be messy. Although I am sure the finished print is superior.

Lunar Hine said...

Ha! Years ago, when I lived in a commune, I had spent all day cooking for sixty people. They all crowded round looooong tables... and the lights went out. It was winter and too cloudy even for moonlight. I gethered enough candles that we could all just about see to eat... and the lights came on! This time there was a much bigger groan of disappointment, so I switched them all off and we all had a dim and happy evening :o). In other news, your hare is beautiful and I love that colour.