Monday, 6 July 2015

Even more festival.....

 Not just kilns for clay....

 pizza kiln, thanks to Joe Finch !
 but don't carry food'll lose it!
 View from the main Arts Centre could watch the changing weather and colours all day.
 The kiln field
 Tony Clennel kiln watching..
 between making some work with some REAL handles!!

 Naidee Changmoh handbuilding
 Work by Thiebault Chague

 Sergi Pahissa from Catalonia....kiln built from scrap metal!

 Rita Gudino's Lual kiln on the piazza...
 Audience ...
 waiting for sunset

 Pirate at Sunset

 Kiln giving birth

 Giant raku

 kiln forceps....

 The Scrap Kiln...
 and results of beauty

more to come......

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Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for the sequence during the opening...great to see, and I'm sure the event was awesome!