Monday, 6 July 2015

More festival. Steve Mill's kiln and last pots

 Steve was supposed to be firing his kiln at the festival, but died recently.
This left a gap in the proceedings...we all miss him for all sorts of reasons.
A kind and thoughtful and caring potter, with wit and dry humour.
One of the founders of Bath Potters' Supplies, run by potters for potters.
 A fast fire Bourry box, woodfired kiln....
 Fast indeed!
Then 20 hours later the unpacking, with Kath Mills photographing, with Joe from Red Fox Pottery, the official insta gram and face book photographer for the festival

 Joe Finch and David Frith, the kiln firers

 beautiful results!
 A good size packing chamber, for the physical footprint of the kiln


Joseph Travis said...

I feel like that is how I saw the festival, I enjoyed it but through a constant view of my iPad

gz said...

Next time Joseph, go as an ordinary punter....