Friday, 3 July 2015

getting out...

We needed a leg stretch yesterday, so tookmy daughter's advice on the route...we are staying with her and family just North of Aberystwyth, ready for the International Ceramics Festival starting this evening.

North on the main road to Machynlleth, turn right at the big clock and up the road a couple of miles before the promised rain started sprinkling gently.
Not a bad thing, to cool a little..we weren't going hard, just steady. It was a relief to be off the main road as we headed back down the I remembered widened to a road width...through Llanwrin. It was sad to see the pub closed,but at least the building looks a well cared for home.

Back to a main road that comes from Dolgellau to Machynlleth, just a mile away from the old bridge over the Dyfi. We were glad to see a newer bridge built for walkers and cyclists....and very glad for a coffee stop back in Machynlleth!

On the road South again we stopped to look at the waterwheel of the charcoal and ironworks at Furnace. For about 50 years in the 1700s iron ore was imported to here by water from Cumbria and pig iron made here.
The wheel must be 40 feet in diameter .
 I like the modern touch...the bench made from steel.

It was an enjoyable ride, only 30 miles,but we were glad to be back!


Michèle Hastings said...

I love how you say "only 30 miles", 30 miles sounds like a lot to me!!

Relatively Retiring said...

I know that waterwheel, but not the nice new bench. Time I went back to Tywyn!