Wednesday, 9 September 2015

day out, but not day off

We started today slowly...gently does it for the Pirate...another side effect of his treatment is feeling sad, and worse, depression...the counter-attack is enough work and enough bike.....

Today was work, and we found new roads for us to a nice wee village that neither of us had a house called Inglewood...where we had good coffee and nice cake...and tidied a lawn and woodland area.

Many thanks !!  It is good to meet a fellow blogger at last !

We had hoped that our other local job would continue today, but someone was fencing there today, so no lawn bed preparation.

Instead we had a relaxing lunch at The Mad Hatter in Castle Douglas, a town that we really love. Then a little light shopping, buying mitts and saying hello to Axle the Dog in Castle Douglas Bikes.

We had hoped to see other friends too, but they were on to Kircudbright down a pleasant and wiggly road.  At last I found a reasonably local shop to buy card ....Kircudbright Working Print Studio !!

Then home along more wiggly roads,both small and large, with much achieved.

A working day out...can't fault it!


Cro Magnon said...

I remember visiting Kircudbright when I was very small, and being amazed by how it was pronounced.

smartcat said...