Saturday, 5 September 2015

more gardening

                              Man and his Mower! 

Now for an identification query....what are these?   Are they worth eating or just leaving for the birds?

 There is plenty for all....
 and the front garden is coming on, with a fruit bed planned in the top corner just to the right.....with flowers too, and a trellis to hide the oil tank!

Our visitors came and it was good to see them, have their company, talk and share meals.  
Then they were off on their travels and we are back to everyday things.

Pirate is still depressed by his treatment,but at least we know that that is one of the..many...unpleasant side effects...but he is still here and alive and kicking!

We'll goon the bikes in a minute, even if just on the turbo trainers for half an hour. It helps.


Relatively Retiring said...

looking at the leaves I think they could be small crab apples. Mice love them!
All good wishes, especially to Pirate.

smartcat said...

What a sweet house. I do hope it is possible for you to stay there!

Julia said...

Yes, sympathy for The Pirate and hugs ...

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

I agree with Relatively Retiring, looks like crab apples. The house looks rather sweet - hopefully you can stay xx