Monday, 7 September 2015

missing bloggers

I always wonder when some peoples' posts slip away, or suddenly stop.

Busy elsewhere , dead, departed, offline for whatever reason,or just visiting and not writing.

I really miss some of you.

Some I've met in person and that adds a further dimension to your comments and writings .

Others I'll never get to meet.

Some I see on fb...but you can't read back over old posts and muse....


Zhoen said...

Glad you are still here. (o)

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

I know what you mean, it's the not knowing where they faded to - glad you keep popping back after a spell of quiet xx

Cro Magnon said...

Of two that I really miss, one died and the other just gave up for health reasons. It's always worrying when they suddenly 'dry-up'.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

...blogging daily for 9 years, myself :)

Felicity said...

...and some come back with a different name.;)

Fresca said...

I just had this happen this spring: a longtime blogger pal with poor health stopped blogging completely (including, of course, responding to comments).
We'd never exchanged personal information, though--I don't even know her real name... So no way to tell.
I don't want to assume, but I fear the worst.

But mostly it's the case that I miss bloggers who I know have moved over to FB or Twitter. I miss their long form writing, which tends to be different.

I'm grateful for those of us who stick around.

soubriquet said...

Er... I've got one in draft.