Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The calm

Hopefully not before the storm!!
Most of the packing done, and now the problem that we are 3.36 kg over the hold limit...with a little more to pack..we will see what will go in the carry on bags.

I have already been weeding out clothes, giving almost new away to someone they fit much better than me, and other things going to the Op Shop...and some worn out so going for rags or the bin.

The pictures of Storm Ciara and the flooding and devastation she has caused are worrying..but I think we will be ok at home in Scotland.  There has been much flooding damage in the Southland here, and in Fiordland.
We have heard that the jackdaws have broken into the eaves at home, so they will have to be evicted.  Probably the ground cover will have blown away from the cultivated part of the garden...but that can cheaply be replaced. At least the report is that the shed rooves are still on!! No word on the wee polytunnel so that must still be there too.

A little bit of us is looking forward to seeing Scotland again.
We have enjoyed being here for almost three months, and certainly enjoyed three months of good health.


Betty said...

I have been following often, have a safe journey home. Storm Ciara has been and gone and I hope your roof is still on!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It depends how quickly you're back... I expect we'll be onto Storm Dennis by Saturday and Ciara will be so "last weekend". I was wondering today how many loose branches we've got left to lose.
Anyway, safe journey home!

Joanne Noragon said...

Three months. Wow.

Zhoen said...

Our ancestral nomads would know exactly, coming back to summering camps, repairing winter's damage.

Susan Heather said...

That three months went very quickly. Have a safe trip and I hope all is intact when you get home. Good to meet up.