Saturday, 1 August 2020

Long day out

We were off in the car by nine, not just bikes, lunch and kit packed, but coffee, bananas, nibbles, towels .....
A hundred mile drive to Tyndrum where we were to liaise with a group of friends who were riding the West Highland Way, a route for walkers, cyclists and horse riders from Fort William to Glasgow.
After some miserable chilly and mainly wet weather we are were glad to see a forecast of a pleasant dry day, hopefully not too hot for the riders.
We arrived with time to spare and had time for a cup of coffee while we waited.  
They arrived before too long, but had had a few mechanicals, punctures and were one man down with a dislocated finger and broken brake lever...luckily not too far from Fort William. The ride so far had taken them much longer than expected, due to a steady they called it a day!
We supplied rubdowns where needed, bananas and coffee, before having our lunch. 
Our friends had parked one car in Tyndrum, and loaded it with bikes and bodies to return to the campsite in Fort William for showers and much-needed rest!!  The other half of the Way will have to wait.
We drove five miles up the road, turned off and found a safe place to park.
A few photos first before heading down Glen Orchy on a beautiful single track road.

Off down the road, with a head wind... hopefully a tailwind back!

Then a surprise..we met a friend who we haven't seen for two years! He is a cyclist and an artist and teaches at the Glasgow School of does his partner whom we met for the first time. They were having a walking and swimming holiday in their nice old campervan.
On and on by the river down Glen Orchy, wondering do we turn back soon as we have to come back up this lot!
Then before we knew it we were almost at the main road to Oban and it was time to turn and retrace our wheeltracks.

Our hearts sank as the wind was in our faces, unexpectedly and it began to rain lightly. However as it was quite warm it was welcome, cooled us down and dried as soon as it landed!
I only walked a short section of one hill...but that energised my legs and onwards and upwards..
And back to the car after twenty miles!!
A quick change ,a bite to eat then escape from the midges and head for home.
Unfortunately that was the idea of a great many others and by the time we were halfway down Loch Lomond at Luss we were in a traffic jam, first and second gear, creep a few lengths then stop..for an hour..and then it rained heavily, with added thunder and lightning!!
We thought that it must be due to an accident..but when we arrived at the roundabout where the road goes to a dual jam!! Simply excess traffic flow.
Another fifty miles and we were home by 9.30. Tired but satisfied.


Zhoen said...


Marksgran said...

The road by Loch Lomond is always a nightmare on the return journey unless you get there later in the evening! I think the roundabout at the Dumbarton exit with the traffic lights causes some of the jam up. It's a shame about the weather, your photos are lovely. x

Susan Heather said...

Sounds like a great day out apart from the traffic jam.

Amy said...

That river in the shallow spots looks great for a paddle.

Lettice said...

Sounds like a super day all round, And the sight of you in Lyra, what is there not to like, bet your shorts have a padded bum bit as well? When we go up to Scotland towards the end of September we plan on overnighting in the Loch Lomond area, hope the traffic is lighter then?
It sounded like a good day all round, don’t you just feel so much better for breaking out and bumping into old chums, what a coincidence that was. Just pottering in the garden today I expect?


Betty said...

fabulous scenery. ((o))

gz said...

Marksgran we got to the second roundabout as you go south...the turn for Balloch...and the jam just disappeared and never really reappeared.
Amy a very careful paddle...the water is cold and fast in most places!
Lettice we slept late the next morning! We decided to avoid busy places all weekend, much of it in the garden. We should have made a weekend of it but everywhere is booked up.

Catalyst said...

OMG! You've got more stamina and more courage than me.