Saturday, 6 August 2022


 After a busy day...a bike ride to post a letter (morning collections in our village are ridiculously early!!)  and see friends who run a second hand shop.

They are now in an old mill, a historical four storey building in Mauchline..and the business us going from strength to strength!!

I bought an old tenon saw, a couple of knitting patterns and a mini vice. Pirate found an unused jigsaw puzzle of The Broons!!

We dodged all the showers and as they cleared away I got all the holiday washing done!

Then as Pirate had his well earned siesta I started work on the workshop sides, taping up before painting.

This is supposed to be one coat paint, but I think it needs two. No point skimping and tough expensive it is supposed to last ten years!

Himself joined in and helped, peeling off the tape before the paint dried.

Now that is better, looking more of a piece instead of a mixture of odd bits...which it is!!

And Pirate insisted I go the other side of the camera for a change!!


Anonymous said...

The green of the door frames you nicely! I hope you’ll be very happily productive in your workplace.

kjsutcliffe said...

I am always impressed how paint can make miss-matched items suddenly feel cohesive. We've painted odd matching furniture (shelves, cupboards etc) and they now all 'belong' to each other. Your pottery workshop is looking good with it's new coat. xx

Zhoen said...

Beautiful color. Nice photo of you, too.

Barbara R. said...

Well hello, Ms. Blogger and painter and all around human being! The doors look for a king, er, queen!

Joanne Noragon said...

The paint job looks quite professional, and thank you, Pirate, for the lovely picture of GZ.

Debby said...

I like those colors of green! Ps: thank Pirate for his insistence.

Betty said...

Nice to see a pic of you! you are always so busy doing something or other :) the second hand shop sounds interesting, I love browsing them as you never know what will turn up :)

smartcat said...

Hi Smartcat/Suzi here. (IDing as Google is being very strange about letting me post)
Love the doors. It pays to take the time to do it well.
Great photo of you!

molly said...

I love browsing in second hand shops. Nice paint job and lovely pic of you!