Saturday, 24 September 2022

Back in Kent

this is a beautiful foot and cycle bridge over from the entertainment park where the hotel is where we are based, to the town side and large supermarket.

The first evening children were waving to lorries travelling on the M 20 below and being rewarded with horns sounding!!

One patch of wet ground between the motorway and the park has deep water and is a sort of wet nature reserve...moorhens and ducks paddling through the duckweed 
Autumn fruits showing themselves by the path which leads to pirate's nephew's home

 And a tree rat!!

We went to pirate's old mate's funeral yesterday...quite a success...150 cyclists plus family...plenty to talk about....three hours and counting!!


Steve Reed said...

That bridge reminds me of one I've seen in Newcastle with a similar curve.

Amy said...

I remember quite well the ferries in Auckland City when I was growing up, there's nothing like the smell of the ocean.

The bike shed said...

It looks like the Millenium bridge in Newcastle - as Steve said above.

Avus said...

I use that bridge frequently to bypass all of Ashford town when heading out towards the North Downs on my e-bike. We are lucky here that Ashford has many cycle paths through and around it.

Shall be out today over Romney Marsh, to the South of where you are staying.

kjsutcliffe said...

There is a bridge not dissimilar here in Lancaster - rather elegant

Fresca said...

We have such a bike/walk suspension bridge in Minneapolis too--the Martin Sabo Bridge:
"Designed by URS, a company based in San Francisco, the dynamic, single pylon, cable-stay design follows in the wake of Santiago Calatrava’s bridge designs that helped reinvigorate the typology starting in the 1990s."

A good funeral is a wonderful sign of a life well-lived (though not all well-lived lives get a good funeral, of course). Well done,