Tuesday, 1 December 2009

brief respite

Today as it was dry- and even showed a little blue sky...we bought sacks of pony nuts, oats and pony carrots for the ponies, and dogfood for- well, yes, the dogs!!
The leaves are all down, and make a copper carpet in the layby.
Where you can look back down into the valley.
Then the sun began to disappear again behind the clouds and the rain started gently spotting again.


Mouse said...

And you must have found the ponies!
So, tell me GZ, when I get my bonus next year (assuming I get a bonus and not a P45) will you make me a pot please?

gz said...

Colin has found most of the ponies- still two family groups missing, but they do tend to keep themselves away from the main herd. They will be ok, it is such a huge area and they are not easy to find when they are sheltering.
You may have a pot, dear Mouse- I am planning it now....:-)

Mouse said...

Hi GZ.How lovely and please let me know how much. Thank you
PS I am an expert at finding ponies if ever you need my help. I have spent 50+ years searching out ponies wherever I have lived!