Sunday, 6 December 2009

For A Mouse


Hannah said...

Thanks for your comment. Just been looking through for pics of your pots. Looks like a beautiful area you live in. Here too.
My pots are never insured against breakage but I am convinced that I can pack them well enough, it's coming back the other way that causes the problems! Maybe I am a fool to think any one else would care as much as I do.

Mouse said...

Oh! Ponies! That made me smile from ear to ear!
Thank you!
Aren't they gorgeous!
But whose are they?

English Rider said...

I am enjoying your ponies. Thank you.

gz said...

Colin's ponies, Mouse :-)

Hannah, I have insurance with NFU Mutual.
This is an add-on to my house and contents, covers workshop and contents, carrying stock to exhibitions, work in exhibitions/market, PL and Employee (as I do a Farmers' Market)This is all for the same price as I got my old basic house and contents insurance for.
Worth asking them :-)

gz said...

ER, I like the name of your blog-and whilst we hunt over thousands of acres for 26 ponies...but Colin doesn't swear!!

Trish said...

gz.. Beautiful photos of the countryside, green fields and ponies, thank you! --not so much green grass on this side of 'the pond, at the moment. I do believe winter has arrived here in Alberta, Canada. also...great pots!
Cheers. Trish