Tuesday, 29 December 2009

More snow

Since early this morning it has been snowing on the mountains, and sleeting and snowing down in the valley.

We are mainly cold and damp, but places within ten miles of here have much more.

Up on the mountain here we have over nine inches of snow on the flatter fields.

This morning at 9am I went to the feed merchants for dog food for the Mountain Man. Had I gone later I couldn't have made it there, despite it being a main road.
As it was I met him a third of the way up the Mountain road and he came down in his Landrover.

I couldn't have driven any further up!

Down here in the valley it is still sleeting, up there I know the snow is getting deeper.

I tried to work yesterday, after the sun had been on the workshop for a while-

but despite the sun, and a heater, and being dressed like Bibendum....

after four pots I decided that you really need to feel your fingertips to do this!!

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