Sunday, 6 December 2009


I have sorted and weeded more papers. It is a relief to see the shelf full of files reducing.

Perhaps I have been afraid to throw things away .
I remember my mother throwing some of my belongings in the bin.
I remember my ex throwing out a box of letters from friends around the world spanning fifteen years.

Well, we started in 1997 by throwing out my ex.....

Since then I have moved to a smaller house several times, reducing more belongings.

It still hurts!! I don't like losing old friends either!!

However in the end your belongings can hold you back.
I am finding a good home for what I can. Disposing of what is no use to anyone.

But today I have struck inertia again.
The rain is no help either.

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Mouse said...

Ah, you see, living with nomadic parents meant that I never had the chance to accumulate much because every time they moved house (on average every twelve months) my mother simply threw away all of our toys and books.
In fact, when my father died she had removed all evidence of his presence from the house between the 7am when he drew his last breath and the 3pm when we arrived in York to comfort her. It was horrible,really horrible.