Saturday, 19 December 2009

job done

The last Farmers' Mart before Christmas was today- not many sales, but we are grateful for all, whatever we sell.
The baker sold out, as usual!!

The ponies are all in off the mountain. Now Colin waits for the vet so that the forms can be completed and the foals microchipped. Then we can return the forms to the Society for them all to be registered.

The Geek Wizzard and The Carpenter have started sorting The Front Room-aka The Black Hole!!

Hopefully tomorrow work will start on the kiln chimney- weather permitting!!
No more markets until February, now I must concentrate on throwing- and on keeping warm!!
The weather is getting colder, friends in all directions have snow-none here yet.

1 comment:

Mouse said...

No snow here yet either, sadly
My daughter rang to say she and her brother had made a snowman in their father's garden!
Twenty-five miles away and not a single flake here, still hoping though!